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Erik Meijs

Coach, practitioner, trainer.
Located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Erik loves...

Get inspired. Be inspiring.

Commit to life and reach out for 'you'. Directions determine destinations and decision making initiates the journey. Bring synergy to your actions and lean into it.

Seeing Things Differently

We are used to seeing the world and ourselves just as we are. If we are willing to evolve, it's important to discern between the 'tip of information' and 'the hidden information', seeking out the iceberg metaphor (only about 1/10th is visible, while about 9/10th is hidden in the depth). Widening your window enhances the ability to improve your personal approach to achieving better results. Observe differently, learn from your past, look for insights, think through potential futures and bring purpose to your actions. Conscious living is a product of effort. Be moved by the progressive realization of worthy goals. Strengthen guidance, do the impossible and touch life.   


1 Mar 2015

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Nutrition high in phytochemicals

To support longevity, don't overeat and choose nutrition packed with the following three super powers: Resveratrol - red wine, berries, grapes Quercetin - apples, red wine, onions (red), grapefruit, green tea, green vegetables Turmeric - from the curcuma longa plant Cheers!


20 Jul 2014

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Personal Floww

'Feeling better in a wireless world' - floww Since I've been using the personal floww device, my sleep has improved substantially, I have more energy during the day and my focus is stronger. The effects are significantly positive and I can't recommend it highly enough - a great protective device for the modern daily environment! Tip: 'floww' is generously offering Me&Erik followers a 10% discount in their webshop with the code: HealthGuidance This offer is only valid until 31 August 2014.’


13 Jul 2014

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Infrared Sauna

Regular detox is becoming more and more important. The accumulation of toxic elements in our bodies due to daily exposure from our environment is increasing rapidly. We absorb them through food intake, water, by inhalation and also through our skin. More and more scientific evidence shows that we all carry a heavy burden of chemicals in our systems.This daily cocktail of chemicals is much more toxic than we ever expected. You can read more about this topic in – Detoxify or Die, Dr Sherry A. Rogers.A great way to detox is by using an infrared sauna and of course, physical exercise. FAR infrared saunas heat up subcutaneous tissues, not the whole body. This means that chemicals aren’t mobilised from the fat into the bloodstream to cause poisoning. Plus it's a great way to relax!


29 Jun 2014

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